About Us
How long have you been running?
Submission Technology Ltd was first set-up in 2002 we were the first company to bring cashback to the UK, since then we have been providing consumer in the United Kingdom, America and Australia with the best online offers across a portfolio of sites.  
Joining Lovefreebies.co.uk
So why should I join lovefreebies.co.uk?
Retailers, survey & research panels are interested in either your opinion or acquiring you as a customer, and so the birth of the freebie market. From dining out to baby products the freebies, competitions and money saving ideas are here from the taking, and we will do our best to keep you informed and up to date on the best UK’s freebie offers. 
Is it free to join Lovefreebies?
Yes, absolutely free we never charge to partake. 
Making A Start
Where do I start?
Lovefreebies is jam-packed with freebie offers, we have ordered these offers into categories to aid your search, so start by browsing our home page, from here you will be able to action your own search.
When you find a freebie offer or competition that interests you, first read our instructions on how to complete the freebie or competition, then click the (Claim Now) button. Clicking the button will redirect you to the third-party site offering the freebie. Simply complete the offer as we instructed to claim your freebie or enter the competition.
Note it is important that you complete the required information correctly or you may not get your freebie or be entered into the competition.
Signing Up To Our Newsletter
Where do I sign-up to the newsletter?
Click here to sign-up to our newsletter.
Email Subscription
Why should I sign-up to the newsletter?
Sign-up to our newsletter ensues that you are kept up to date on the latest and best freebies, competitions and offers, restaurant vouchers and much more...
Sharing Freebies
How do I share freebies with my friends?
Telling your friends about great freebies, competitions and offers is a great way to share the love. For your convenience we have place social share icons and email on each of the offers displayed, simply click read more… on the offer and the icons will appear.
Receiving Freebies
I haven't received my freebie?
The freebies published on site will never come direct from Lovefreebies, we simply publisher the third parties that offer them, but don’t worry I’m sure you haven’t been forgotten, freebies are quite popular and it can take retailers and companies a little while to fulfill all the applications. 
How We Source Freebies
Where and how do you get all the freebies?
As a company we have worked in this industry for many years and have many contacts, this enables us to publish substantial offers and sometimes exclusive freebie offers and competitions. Third parties also contact us with offers and we spend a lot of time trawling the internet to build a better site for you.
If you have found a freebie that you would like to tell us about the please let the team know email info@lovefreebie.co.uk and tell Lovefreebies about a great freebie offer, voucher or discount. 
The Freebie Market
Why do companies give away freebies?
Freebies, samples, special offers and discounts are the best way for brands to promote their products and services in the hope that you will purchase again in the future. 
How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?
To unsubscribe all you have to do is click the word “unsubscribe” which appears at the top and bottom of your e-mail newsletter.

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